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Ligon Excavation Inc.

Cottonwood Excavation Contractor, Landscaping Services and Septic Tank Services

Driveway Removal Driveway Removal

Cottonwood Driveway Removal
Is your Cottonwood driveway old and cracked? This happens to all Cottonwood driveways over time. Most of the time driveway issues are due to drainage problems.

Pool Digging Pool Digging

Cottonwood Pool Digging
Are you looking to have an oasis in your backyard? Ligon Excavation Inc. professional excavation technicians can dig up your backyard to your exact specifications.

Basement Walkouts Basement Walkouts

Cottonwood Basement Walkouts
Having an outdoor entrance to your basement may not sound like anything special but there are many new possibilities for the space by giving people direct access to it.

About Ligon Excavation Inc.

Do you need your driveway removed? Looking to have your backyard excavated to install a pool? Do you own a structure that you need demolished? Does your business need its underground utilities dug up for repair or maintenance? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are on the right website.

Ligon Excavation Inc. provides these services and much more for the people in the Cottonwood area. We take great pride in our experience in the execution of a wide variety of excavation projects. Not only because it gives us a reputation which is hard to beat but because it shows us that our clients appreciate the work we do for them. We would not have gotten where we are today if we did not make customer satisfaction an equal priority with efficiency and employee safety.

Sometimes it may be tempting to attempt a ‘do it yourself’ excavation project because it will save you a few extra dollars. However, there are some factors you need to consider to properly weigh the possibilities. First, how large is your project and how much time can you personally spend on it? Our expert team can get the job done fast not only because we have the right equipment but also because we have the experience to handle any problem which may arise. Second, are you insured in the case of injury? Ligon Excavation Inc. is a fully insured and certified company so our customers have peace of mind with our service. Third, do you know where your pipes and utilities are located and what the protocol is in the case that they are damaged? Our team is expertly trained to make sure that we never breach the surface of a pipe or utility line and has the know-how to dig them up with as minimal risk as possible.

For these reasons and more it may be time to call Ligon Excavation Inc. to aid you in your excavating project.

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We offer a free estimate before any Cottonwood job we take on so you know you get the best price for the service.

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