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Ligon Excavation Inc.

Camp Verde Excavation Contractor, Landscaping Services and Septic Tank Services

About Ligon Excavation Inc.

About Ligon Excavation Inc.

Ligon Excavation Inc. is the answer for the people of Camp Verde looking to have their earth or pavement dug up. With many years of experience in the industry we have seen many changes over the years but one thing that has never changed is the want for quick, efficient and economic service.

With a full fleet of excavators and trucks of various sizes we can perform almost any excavation job you require. Some of our mini-diggers are small enough to fit through a conventional door so we can gain access to your backyard without tearing up your yard or moving your fence. We have even encountered situations where we had to drive the mini-digger through a house to get to the project area, without the slightest bit of damage or mess made to the property. That is just another guarantee we give to our clients; we will leave the area clear and free of debris so that the next stage of the project can get underway without delay.

Being in the industry as long as we have, we’ve made many connections with Camp Verde contractors, landscapers and utility technicians whom we would be happy to recommend to you. There are many factors when choosing any business service but you can rely on our experience to help you find what you need at the price you desire.

We provide many services for the people in and around Camp Verde and we welcome you to have a look at our website to see all the possibilities we offer.

Ligon Excavation Inc.: You have a project? We can dig it.